Midnight Train - Luke O’Shea

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Luke O’Shea

Midnight Train

from the Prodigal Son album.

From his acclaimed Prodigal Son album, LUKE O'SHEA is back with the latest single, and it's a compelling story.

"SAM PHILLIPS, in my opinion, was THE most influential person in modern day music. Without his vision and his burning desire for 'truth' in music, people such as JOHNNY CASH, ROY ORBISON, JERRY LEE LEWIS, CARL PERKINS, THE EVERLY BROTHERS and of course the King, ELVIS PRESLEY would still be driving trucks and selling insurance. The golden days of Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee were integral to what we hear and sing today across almost every single genre of music.

"Like all things in history however, unless immortalized in either film, words or song, it's soon forgotten by the masses and this is my attempt to re-ignite that flame and to say 'thanks' to the vision of one man."


Product Info: Prodigal Son WJO/AsUWish LOS003