The 'One More' Song - Louise Egan

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Louise Egan

The 'One More' Song

from the Chasing Sound album.

The 'One More' Song is the second single from LOUISE EGANS's highly anticipated debut album, Chasing Sound, and it's a great follow-up to the successful first outing, Wish For Something, that grabbed plenty of national radio attention for the talented singer/songwriter.

The 'One More' Song is an exciting tongue-in-cheek take on the everyday musician's encore. It's a tribute to fun-loving, hard-drinking Australians who just can't get enough of their local band on a Friday night.

Simultaneously though, the song paints a picture of the 2am 'antics' of small country crowds from the perspective of that hard-working, small town band. From its initial, rockin' "grab you by the teeth" riff, The 'One More' Song sets a high energy level and maintains this throughout, to give listeners a ride they'll never forget.

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