Everytime You Leave - Karen Lynne & Randy Kohrs

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Karen Lynne & Randy Kohrs

Everytime You Leave

from the forthcoming Heartsongs album.

This song is the first single from the forthcoming album, Heart Songs, from KAREN LYNNE. Due in October, and again produced by HERM KOVAC, it's the ninth album in her impressive catalogue. A departure from her more recent bluegrass and country folk outings, Heart Songs is a return to her first love - real, –°old fashioned country music.

Everytime You Leave, penned and originally recorded by the LOUVIN BROTHERS, features on duet vocals Nashville based first-rate vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter and 3-times Grammy nominated producer in 2008, RANDY KOHRS. He is easily one of the strongest all-around musical forces coming up on the Nashville scene.

The combined vocals are simply stunning. If ever there was an album that was considered to be "too country", this will be it.

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