Moontan - Hank Vann

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Hank Vann


from the Moontan album.

2009 was a nostalgic time for HANK VANN and GREAT DIVIDE partner GEOFF DUTTON with a reunion that saw the lads triumph in Tamworth and revel in the re-release of their album Unlevelled.

Now comes Moontan, the brand new, toe-tapping tale of lunar browning that heralds the imminent release of Hank's hot new album of the same name. It's his third solo CD and is packed full of freshly hatched hits from Hank's perceptive pen. Moontan is yet another high-calibre salvo from Punslinger Records, that arsenal of arousing aural artefacts.

The new single eclipses all of Hank Vann's previous offerings with its sheer accessibility and dangerously infectious rhythm. Come bask in the glow of Moontan, where "everything's all right in the bright moonlight"!

CRS Punslinger

Product Info: Punslinger Records PR 035