Don't Come Over Til I'm Over You - Col Finley

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Col Finley

Don't Come Over Til I'm Over You

from the Paradise album.

After the national radio success of his single Paradise, the new single Don't Come Over Til I'm Over You is without doubt one of the best songs from COL FINLEY's 15 years in the music industry.

Lifted from his acclaimed new album Paradise, it's a beautiful heartbreaker that almost everyone can relate to. Don't Come Over is a showcase of magnificent song writing and superb musicianship and the performance from Col Finley on this track proves that he is more than just the "party boy" of Australian country music. Brilliantly delivered with a superb vocal performance, Don't Come Over is one of those songs you will want to hear again and again.

This is a man with a strong track record, but his diverse output continues to surprise and entertain his many fans.


Product Info: WJO/Independent PNTF004