Out Of My Mind - Adam Kilpatrick

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Adam Kilpatrick

Out Of My Mind

from the Modern Day Pirates EP.

The "Big Man" is one of Queensland's hardest working entertainers. Couple his many festival and B&S appearances with his constant touring through southern and western Queensland, and it's a non-stop schedule for the talented singer/songwriter.

ADAM KILPATRICK's Modern Day Pirates EP, produced by ROB WILSON, has been a real eye-opener, but now Adam follows the radio success of his first three singles Modern Day Pirates, Pink Flamingos and Chicks In Utes with something very different.

After featuring previous songs with strong hooks, infectious rhythms and a real kick comes a tender love ballad that will make programmers and listeners prick up their ears. It certainly shows the diversity of this man as both a strong songwriter and consummate performer. The say life is full of surprises, and Adam Kilpatrick proves he is one of them.

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