Not By A Long Shot - The Bostocks

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The Bostocks

Not By A Long Shot

from the Not By A Long Shot album.

THE BOSTOCKS are a hot young award winning band of brothers and sisters - Rob (Lead), Brendan (drums), Sara (bass) and Rachel (fiddle). The Gold Coast siblings radiate a warmth and vitality that fans of all ages have come to love.

Not By A Long Shot is the much anticipated follow up album to their ground breaking debut In The Neighbourhood, and combines dazzling fiddle solos and breathtaking guitar breaks, with catchy, up-tempo vocals.

The single, Not By A Long Shot, is outstanding for its ability to relate to a common, emotional dilemma shared by all at some point in life. It grabs you with both hands, and its infectious music stays in your head long after the song is finished.

Check The Bostocks' website for details of their Queensland album launch on June 20.


Product Info: WJO/Independent TB002