Jacky Kneebone - Jayson Watkin

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Jayson Watkin

Jacky Kneebone

from the Rain Of Mercy album.

JAYSON WATKIN is fast becoming known as one of Australia's songwriting sensations. His amazing ability to write songs which paint a vivid picture has catapulted him from North Queensland obscurity to the world stage without the help of professional management or any type of record or distribution deal. This is living proof that if the songs are really worth listening to, then people will go out of their way to access them.

Soon after releasing his first album Rain of Mercy, the song which has taken Australia by storm, Jacky Kneebone, sat at number 1 on the Top 20 Charts for 3 weeks with radio station 98.9fm in Brisbane.

Jayson was recently named a finalist in Queensland Male Vocal of the Year, and the powerful video clip for Jacky Kneebone was has been included on the EMI Winners 2010 DVD released this year. 

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