Spinning And Swirling - George Sich

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George Sich

Spinning And Swirling

from the True Story, I Swear EP.

GEORGE SICH is a Sydney based singer/songwriter in the country blues style. As a younger man, George could be found playing the pubs and clubs around Sydney before putting it to one side to raise a family, run a business and 'get a life'. Now he's back, playing the pubs and clubs, with new songs built on life's experiences, the first instalment his new EP True Story, I Swear.

As George explains "Believe it or not these are love songs, young, old, getting it right, getting it wrong, star-crossed, intoxicating or just plain intoxicated. Although the stories are true, I have, of course, exercised some artistic freedom, altered names, places and times to protect both the guilty and the innocent."

The first single is a great story - nostalgic memories of emerging love at an old B&S ball that waltzes along perfectly.

Product Info: Independent GSICH001