I Like Guns - Steve Lee

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Steve Lee

I Like Guns

from the I Like Guns album.

When THE LEES band patriarch STEVE LEE decided to make an album all about guns, he didn't realise it would be such a big deal to so many people. Steve grew up in outback NSW and guns have always been a part of his life.

"I really wanted this album to help us reflect on the good aspects of gun ownership and remind us that guns are a part of our Australian heritage," says Steve.

Steve and producer BILL CHAMBERS have created an album full of songs which showcases different aspects of guns in everyday life. The album I Like Guns features 12 tracks, and the songs show you a bit of who Steve is, especially the first single, I Like Guns, with its likeable spin on a usually very serious topic. The video clip, with over 1.5 million views on YouTube, not only reached #1 on CDBaby.com, but has also featured on A Current Affair and the American NRA News.

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