Strong Man Stumble - Kylie Hogan

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Kylie Hogan

Strong Man Stumble

from the Love And Lust album.

KYLIE HOGAN's new album Love And Lust promises to deliver songs that are just that - with an intoxicating and exposed representation of love and relationships - along with a bit of good humoured sexual confusion.

Strong Man Stumble is definitely full of lust, and Kylie's sultry delivery and personal performance showcases a side of her that we have not heard before. This album reveals her ability and desire to fill the world with country music from a different perspective. Inspired by her own experiences, good and bad, of love, loneliness, lust, and the craziness that sometimes controls relationships, this album is filled with songs that all of us can relate to.

Love and Lust tells it like it is and is an excellent radio introduction to what is shaping up to be one of the "must have" albums of 2010.

Product Info: Independent KMH 111