5 Acres - Tony Cook

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Tony Cook

5 Acres

from the Laidback Tone EP.

TONY COOK’s music reflects his experiences throughout his lifetime. He draws inspiration from people, events and from the bush we all love.

Having grown up in remote north western and central Queensland, Tony has led quite an interesting life so far. Having started out as a Jackeroo in western Queensland, he went on to join the defence forces, Paratrooping with the army and deploying to the Middle East. Since leaving the forces and moving back to the bush he has developed his musical interests, releasing his first EP entitled Laidback Tone.

Laidback Tone contains 3 original compositions, all of which have a unique individual sound. Five Acres, is the first song released of the EP. For more information visit http://www.laidbacktone.com or you can download the rest of the EP from iTunes.

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