Hometown Dreaming - Greg Atherton

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Greg Atherton

Hometown Dreaming

from the Thanks For Past Custom album.

Hometown Dreaming is the first single from GREG ATHERTON’s new album of 12 self penned tracks, Thanks For Past Custom.

“I enjoy watching people and their habits and find it both interesting and reassuring how so many of our youth, myself included, move away from the boring and mundane lifestyle of their hometown, only to return after a number of years knowing that the grass isn't greener and that nothing can replace the love and friendship of family and friends in their own hometown,” explains Greg.

Greg has enjoyed recording success as THE ATHERTON BROTHERS, and is very thankful that so many radio stations played and featured his songs. This recognition certainly was influential in his being awarded a TIARA Award, Golden Guitar top 10 finalist and TSA New Songwriter of the Year at Tamworth 2005.

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