Will You Stay - Darren Colston & Victoria Baillie

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Darren Colston & Victoria Baillie

Will You Stay

from the Darren Colston album.

To say DARREN COLSTON is pleased with the initial reaction to his latest self-titled album, and the first two singles, On The Bend By The Willow and Letters From The Frontline, is definitely an understatement. The multi-award winning singer/songwriter said of his Tamworth 2009 experience "It’s a great feeling, after a few years between drinks, to get such great support at my shows you figure you must be doing something right."

Sometimes when two vocalists get together, magic happens, like the latest offering from Darren with guest VICTORIA BAILLIE. Will You Stay, was inspired by a comment from Victoria which was then brought to life by Darren’s wonderful songwriting. "For years Victoria and I have enjoyed a very special chemistry when singing together. Finally, I think we'’ve been able to come up with something of our own which captures it perfectly" said Darren.

Product Info: Independent DCOL 009