Another Star In The Sky - Dane Sharp

Dane Sharp

Another Star In The Sky

from the Nothing To Lose album.

DANE SHARP's writing and performance skills have been widely acclaimed and many new fans have been won over with his debut album Nothing To Lose.

Another Star In The Sky is the 5th single from this album and is a heartfelt song reflecting on the explanation of the passing of a loved one to a small child, which in turn tugs on the heart strings of the child in us all. While at the funeral of a childhood friend, Dane had a conversation with a fellow Dad, and the topic of how to explain death to a child came up, which inspired Dane to write the track with one of his co-writers CHARLES DAOUD.

Featuring Dobro from PETER COOPER and piano by DUNCAN WOOD, Another Star In The Sky shows the versatility of Dane's vocal and songwriting writing talents.

CRS Touchwood

Product Info: Touchwood Productions DSTW7777 001