The Little Ring Goes On The Inside - Tom McIvor

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Tom McIvor

The Little Ring Goes On The Inside

from the The Naked Bull Rider album.

The concept for TOM McIVOR's new album The Naked Bull Rider came about many years ago when talking to his old mate BLUEY BOSTOCK. Tom recalls "While discussing bull riding in the early days as well as bullfighting clowns, Bluey said 'we rode naked in those early days' - no protection of a bullfighting clown - because they didn't exist in those times.

"The idea has festered away for over 40 years, and thanks to the genius of producer JOHNNY KAYE of Dolphin Studios it has finally come to fruition." Tom is justifiably proud of the new songs - from the parody on Chainsaw (Coleslaw), to a classic duet with LAURA DOWNING about the two sides of an Aussie couple in the bedroom.

And amongst unusual subjects is the new single The Little Ring Goes On The Inside - one for the lawn bowlers - unusual - and unusually funny.

Product Info: Dolphin Music DOL138