Always You - One Good Woman

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One Good Woman

Always You

from the Baptism album.

Brisbane duo ONE GOOD WOMAN introduce their debut album Baptism with songs that speak to us all about the struggle and triumph, despair and salvation of everyday human experience - redemption songs.

Always You shows the alchemy between ANNIE EDWARDS and TONY CHAMBERS - Edwards' pure, soaring vocals are bell-like and extraordinarily moving, while Chambers is the rock grunt that acts as grounding foil; the voice of experience. Together they produce a sound that is surely new in Australian song-writing: honest and raw, seamed with compassion that never dips to sentiment, a fusion of alternative country with a dose of rock and pop.

"With a city-roots flavour, Baptism could be the finest of the finds this season ... It is a fine, honest piece of work after 18 months of collaboration" Courier-Mail, 2 July 2009.

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