How Well Have You Loved? - Luke O’Shea

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Luke O’Shea

How Well Have You Loved?

from the Prodigal Son Album.

Following the chart success of Prodigal Son, the title track of his acclaimed new album, LUKE O'SHEA is back with another winner.

"How Well Have You Loved? came from a random but provocative prayer that somehow ended up on my desk titled, 'Questions God Won't Ask You'," Luke says. "It went along the lines of not wanting to know what kind of car you had but how many people you gave a lift to; Not how big or grand your house is but how you welcomed and treated people within it. We can fill our lives up with all kinds of stuff, but the bottom line is always going to be - how did you use that stuff to help or care for people around you, in short, how well have you loved?

"But I didn't want it to be too heavy, or depressing, so getting in touch with my Celtic roots, it's a bit of a sing-along!"

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Product Info: One Stop Country/As U Wish LOS003