Starting Over - Johanna Hemara

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Johanna Hemara

Starting Over

from the forthcoming Starting Over album.

Starting Over is the first single and title track from JOHANNA HEMARA's forthcoming album, which is set to be released in December 09. Produced by HERM KOVAC, this album features the best musicians in the industry from Australia and Nashville.

The album shows off Johanna's huge vocal range and features songs written by Johanna and also contributions from some of Nashville's best songwriters. With a mix of up tempo country rock songs to heartfelt big ballads, it showcases just how versatile and vocally talented Johanna is.

Starting Over is a catchy country rock tune, all about leaving behind the wrong choices you may have made in the past and starting over again. It's a theme many people can relate to, and watch out for the clip going to air shortly on CMC.

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