Make Her Stay - David Delle-Vergin

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David Delle-Vergin

Make Her Stay

from the Nothing Seems To Last Forever album.

Make Her Stay is the latest single from multi award winning singer/songwriter DAVID DELLE-VERGIN and it's just in time to help promote his long awaited new album Nothing Seems To Last Forever.

It's a quirky little song about a guy who sings with a band and his quest to attract the attention of a girl on the dance floor. As always, Dave sees the funny side in this story. A bit like the dog chasing the car - what does he do once he catches it?

As usual Dave is joined by some of Australia's best talent including THE DAVIDSON BROTHERS, DAVE MOORE, NATHAN WARRICK, JAY JAY WILLIAMS and HARRY JON NANOS. Together with some great new songs, he has also included a number of the award winning songs over the last few years including the TSA 2009 Song of the Year The Devil's New Girlfriend.


Product Info: WJO/Independent DV003